Request Materials

Order American Printing House (APH) Materials Through MDE-LIO

  • APH materials may be requested by teacher consultants or orientation and mobility specialists.
  • APH materials are made available through the Federal Quota Program.
  • There is no cost for borrowing materials.

Students Must Be Registered

  • Students must be registered with APH in order to receive APH materials through the Federal Quota Program.

Review the Catalog

  • See what items are currently available.
  • Make sure to note the following for each item needed:
    • Item name
    • APH catalog number
    • Catalog page number

APH Catalog

Order APH Materials Online

  • Once we process your order, we will send you:
    • The requested materials.
    • Instructions for return shipping.
  • APH materials may be borrowed for as long as the student needs them.
  • When the student no longer needs the materials, please return them to MDE-LIO so that others can borrow the materials in the future.

Order APH Materials Online