Scholarships for Students

Student Eligibility Criteria   |  Scholarship Use   |  Scholarship Funding Amount


Application and Required Information

Scholarships for eligible children and their parents/guardians are available through the Michigan School for the Blind Trust Fund.

  • MDE-LIO must approve your application before the event.
  • After reviewing your application, you will be notified of approval or denial.
  • If a scholarship is awarded, MDE-LIO will provide the funding after the event.

Before the event, submit the following to MDE-LIO:

  1. Scholarship Application [PDF]
    Scholarship Application [WORD]
  2. Certificate of Eligibility [PDF]
    Certificate of Eligibility [WORD]
  3. Proof of financial need
    • Copy of your Bridge Card, or
    • Proof of free/reduced lunch
  4. Copy of the program/event registration form or announcement

After the event, submit the following to MDE-LIO:

  1. Attendance Confirmation [PDF]
    Attendance Confirmation [WORD]
    Bring this form to the event. This form must be completed by the event/program coordinator.
  2. Copy of sign out sheet
  3. Travel Reimbursement [PDF]
    Travel Reimbursement [WORD]
    (if desired)

For questions regarding MDE-LIO scholarships, please contact Melissa Salyer at 517-241-9844.

Mini-Grants for District Programs

Mini-Grant Criteria   |  Mini-Grant Process



Mini-grants of up to $3,000 are awarded on an ongoing basis. Funds are paid through reimbursements after the program is completed.

The number of available grants varies each year and are awarded first come, first served. Districts may only receive one grant per school year.

Grant programs must support the education of eligible students.

Applicants are notified of a decision within six weeks of applying.