Take Our Summer Reading Challenge

June 13, 2016

This summer, MDE-LIO is hosting a reading challenge for students who are blind or visually impaired. Students who participate could win a grand prize!

Step 1: Contact MDE-LIO and let us know your student's reading level. We will then send you five books in either Braille or large print, along with a sheet to sign when your student has read all five books.

Step 2: When your student has finished reading the books, sign the sheet verifying that the books have been read. Then, simply mail the books back to us. If the books are large print, we will provide a shipping label at no cost.

Step 3: Once we receive the books, we will send you a prize in the mail!

We will also hold a drawing for a grand prize. The more times you complete the reading challenge, the more times your name will be entered to win. Contact us today to sign up!